The following lists the names of people who play a role in One Night in a Bad Inn. For those who have not yet
read the book, be not daunted by all the names. Most of the people on this list are simply mentioned or play
a small role in the story.

Family Members
Aila Thompson, Aila Hughes, Aila Mae Hughes, Grandma T — the author’s maternal grandmother
Peter Thompson — the author’s maternal grandfather

Aila’s Parents
Arthur Hughes, Arthur William Frederick Hughes
Sarah Hughes, Sarah Thomas

Aila’s Siblings
Archie Hughes, Arthur Franklin Hughes
Hector Hughes, Hector Osiris Dundonald Warren Hughes
Sarah Patricia Hughes, Patsy Hughes, Sarah Eleanora Patricia Montana Hughes
William George Hughes, Bill Hughes, Willie Hughes

Aila’s Maternal Grandparents — Sarah’s Parents
Ann Thomas, Nancy Thomas, Ann Price Davies, Ann Davies
William Thomas Thomas, William Thomas

Aila’s Maternal Aunt and Uncles — Sarah’s Siblings
Isaak Thomas
Joseph Thomas
Mary Ann Thomas
Simeon Thomas
Thomas Thomas
William George Thomas

Aila’s Paternal Grandparents — Arthur’s Parents
Mary Hughes, Mary Price
William Hughes

Peter’s Parents
Rose Thompson, Rosetta Gribben, Rose Gribben
Sam Thompson

Peter’s Siblings
Brigid Thompson
Bridget Thompson
Denis Malachy Thompson
Jenny Thompson, Margaret Jane Thompson
Jimmy Thompson, James Thompson
John Francis Thompson
Martha Thompson
Mary Teresa Thompson
Nellie Thompson, Ellen Elizabeth Thompson, Nellie Ledgerwood
Pat Thompson, Patrick Joseph Thompson
Rosie Thompson

Peter’s Maternal Grandparents — Rose’s Parents
Denis Gribben
Jane Gribben, Grannie Gribben, Jane McDonald

Peter’s Maternal Aunts and Uncles — Rose’s Siblings
Aunt Annie, Annie Gribben, Elizabeth Ann Gribben,
Aunt B, Bridget Gribben
Uncle Denis, Denis Gribben
Uncle John, John Gribben — leader of the Robert Emmet Literary Association, the Butte wing of Clan na Gael
Aunt Maggie, Maggie Gribben, Margaret Jane Gribben
Aunt Mary, Mary Gribben

Peter’s Paternal Grandparents — Sam’s Parents
John Thompson
Martha Kinny

Other People in the Story

Part One, The Forsyth Episode, pages 1—116
Mr. Andersen — Sarah and Arthur’s neighbor on the ranch
County Attorney Beeman, Henry Beeman — Rosebud County attorney at the time of the fire
Coroner Booth, Frank Booth — conducted the inquest over the burned dead body
John Burgess — Rosebud County deputy at odds with the sheriff
Martha Burgess — John Burgess’s wife
Warden Conly, Frank Conly — warden of the Montana State Prison in Deer Lodge
Judge Crum, Charles Crum, C.L. Crum — judge for the trial and sentencing
Miss Dragstedt — Aila’s teacher at the orphanage
Tom Elliott — Hughes’s hired man, Sarah’s second husband
Charles Hayes — Jennie’s husband, lawyer in New York City
Jennie Hayes — childhood friend of Sarah’s in Brooklyn
George Horkan — lawyer who questioned the witnesses at the inquest
Dr. Huene, Harry Huene — doctor who performed the autopsy over the burned dead body
John Kiernan — sheepherder
Alfred Larson — hired boy on the Hughes ranch, testified at the inquest
Sheriff Moses, William Moses, Billy Moses — Rosebud County sheriff at the time of the fire
Joseph Victor Ray — photographer in New York City
Roy Robinson — lawyer in New York City at the firm Parker, Davis, Wagner & Walton hired to depose witnesses
Mrs. Shobe — head matron at the orphanage
Waller Shobe — President of the Montana State Orphans’ Home in Twin Bridges
Don Smith — lawyer who prosecuted Sarah
Emil Stromberg — worked in the mail room at the Seamen’s Church Institute in New York City in 1913
Mignon Tadsen — Mr. Andersen’s granddaughter
Braz Tull — Sarah’s lawyer
Undersheriff van der Pauwert, John van der Pauwert — Rosebud County undersheriff who arrested Sarah

Part Two, Straight to Butte, pages 117—174
William Andrews Clark — one of Butte’s Copper Kings
Marcus Daly — one of Butte’s Copper Kings
Mayor Duncan — mayor of Butte during the 1914 troubles
Fritz Heinze, F. Augustus Heinze — one of Butte’s Copper Kings
Judge Lynch, Jeremiah Lynch — friend of Peter’s uncle John Gribben, presided over Bill’s trial
Muckie McDonald — instigated the insurgent miners’ union in 1914
Bert Riley — president of the Butte Miners’ Union in 1914
Governor Stewart — declared martial law in Butte in 1914

Part Three, The Story of a Soldier, pages 175 — 316
Senator Jeremiah Beveridge — toured German prison camps during the First World War
Wingfield Brown, Winks Brown — helped Peter pull Arnold Pratt into the trench
Sir Roger Casement — tried to recruit Irish prisoners of war
Lieutenant Closterman — Peter’s company commander
Ray Couglin — friend of Peter
Manus Duggan — helped save the lives of several miners trapped in the mine after the Granite Mountain fire started
General Ferdinand Foch, Marshal Foch — supreme allied commander in 1918
General Johnston, William H. Johnston, Wild Bill Johnston — Peter’s division commander, the 91st Division, aka Wild West Division
Farley Granger — officer in Peter’s regiment, the 362nd
Stanley Kerr — a soldier in Peter’s regiment, the 362nd
Bill Lake, William Lake — soldier in Peter’s regiment taken ill on the voyage
Carlos McClatchy — intelligence officer in Peter’s regiment, the 362nd
General McDonald, John B. McDonald — Peter’s brigade commander,181st Brigade
Harold Meyer — a soldier in Peter’s regiment, the 362nd
Colonel Parker, John Henry Parker, Gatlin’ Gun Parker — Peter’s regimental commander, the 362nd Regiment, aka the Powder River Gang
General John Pershing — Commander of the American Expeditionary Forces in the First World War
Sergeant Arnold Pratt — the soldier Peter saved in Flanders
Congresswoman Jeannette Rankin — represented Montana during the First World War
Lieutenant Arthur St. John Whitney — officer in Peter’s regiment, the 362nd
Colonel Woolnough — officer in Peter’s regiment, the 362nd

Part Four, For Better or for Worse, pages 317 — 374
Captain Omar Bradley — commander of troops in Butte in 1918
Ves Hall — Rosebud County rancher accused of espionage during the First World War
County Attorney Haynes, Felkner Haynes, Fritz Haynes — pursued case against Judge Crum

Part Five, The Merchant of Renova, pages 375 — 452
Judge Bennett, Lyman Bennett — judge in the murder trial in Boulder, Montana
Matt Canning — lawyer who defended Smith, the man accused of helping Roy Walsh
John Elliott — lawyer who defended Roy Walsh and Archie Hughes
Governor John Erickson — governor receiving requests for clemency
Al Johnson, Albert Johnson — the man murdered at Renova
County Attorney Johnson, Howard Johnson — Jefferson County attorney at the time of the shooting
James Kelly — lawyer who prosecuted Roy Walsh in Boulder, Montana
William Mitchell — Sarah’s third husband
Sheriff Mountjoy, John Mountjoy — captured the fugitives
Dr. Packard — cared for Al Johnson after he was shot
Sherman Shrauger — neighbor of Al Johnson
Roy Walsh — Archie Hughes’s accomplice at Renova
Deputy Williams, John Williams, Johnny Williams — Jefferson County deputy, brother—in—law to Sheriff Mountjoy

Part Six, Angel in the Whirlwind, pages 453 — 570
Bertha Flomer — Aila’s employer, owner of the Family Drug
James Rigley — Sarah’s fourth husband
Daniel Sheehan, Denny Sheehan, Danny Sheehan — Sarah’s fifth husband
Father Tougas, James Grover Tougas, James Tougas — Catholic priest who helped the family
Rhea LaLonde — friend of Aila