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A Slovenian peasant boy leaves the family farm in the hinterlands of Austria, a dashing musician performs for kings and queens across Europe, a war refugee lands at Ellis Island, a car painter becomes the Edsel dealer in Butte, Montana. What can they possibly have in common? They were all the same man, Tony Leskovar, the author's grandfather. An engaging true story made richer by the well-researched historical and cultural backdrop.


A quiet family gathering, secrets revealed, more questions asked, an adventure across the globe from Butte to Belfast to Belgium to find the answers.

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"I started reading it at eleven one night and didn't put it down until four in the morning."

The lively true story of two colorful families, one Welsh, one Irish, who overcome scandal, war, murder, and mayhem in the coal mining town of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, on a desolate Montana homestead, in the raucous mining town of Butte, and on the bloody battlefields of the First World War. A true story in which the reader learns intriguing history through the lives of intriguing people who happen to be the author's ancestors.