Praise for One Night in a Bad Inn

“The book is a historical treasure . . . plus being a darned good yarn.”
—Laurel Piippo, special to the Tri-City Herald

“Talk about your family secrets . . . Some might find the tales so tawdry they should be left hidden . . . But the moral heart of the book is Aila, Sarah’s daughter, who resisted her mother’s evil doings and still loved her.”
—Jane Ann Morrison, columnist for the Las Vegas Review Journal

“ . . . a book well crafted in fast-paced prose about life in the West before, during and just after the Great War. Well worth reading for a glimpse of life during this important time in American history.”
—Len Shurtleff, columnist for Camaraderie,
The Journal of the Western Front Association, United States Branch

“Her informal, cozy style easily engages the reader.”
—Carol Cummings, columnist for the Lake County Leader

“The characters are compelling, all the more so because they were real, living, breathing people.”
—Arch Ellwein, special to the Sidney Herald

“If this . . . were about your family, you’d be thrilled . . . snuggle up with it and hope for a long winter.”
—Krys Holmes, Montana Magazine